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How It Works?

This a web application works on any browser. All that you need is a internet connectivity and a valid username and password to use the application.

We provide the application as a Service. As the name implies SaaS (Software as a Service) you will not be burdened with the capital purchase of the whole application. You will not have the complexity of installing a server and maintaining it.

The application will be available in the CLOUD and your database will be highly secured. All that you need is an internet connectivity to get the services where ever you are.

Once your register with us your details will be fed into the application. The system will generate a USERNAME and PASSWORD. You will be provided the login credentials through the authorized mail.

Username and password should to be secured at your end and the organisation will not be responsible of your username and password being compromised with your knowledge.

This username and password will be used to login to the application. The login panel is available in the top right corner of this website. Once your login you will be able to see all the menus and submenus. The first username and password sent to you is provided with all the rights and privileges. Only through this you will be allowed to add users, add roles, assign screens and delegate relevant rights and privileges. You can create users as per your package eligibility and provide username and password to your employees you may use this software.

Master Details

Certain details are captured into the system only once and is used through out the application. This increases the user friendliness of the application apart from restrict the user to unintentionally commit errors. This allows the user to pick and choose rather than repeatedly typing the detail every time.


Based on the user role each user will be assigned screens. With very few inputs each employee will be able to accomplish their task of inputting the detail.


User based reports will be available to facilitate view access to the data available in the application.