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About Us

hrmsPLUS is managed by a team of academician, technocrats and management personnel. More than a decade of strenuous efforts and ardent research on the Human Resource Management process in India and abroad, a rugged and robust Human Resource Management System was developed. hrmsPLUS percolates to every activity of the enterprise to capture data at the point of instance.

Scrupulous thoughts have been put by dedicated team of professionals to develop systems which will cull out relevant data at the point of origin. This avoids distortion of facts whereby mis- information is totally reduced. This will in turn considerably increase the efficiency of the Management to take appropriate actions based on the real time data with highest level of integrity.

The project team has successfully worked in tandem with the different types of institutions and their management to understand the needs of Top level, middle level and Low level management for performing operational tasks efficiently and effectively coupled with the astute decision making capability. Reports augmented by mailers, alerts and reminders are very user friendly. This report which has the option to be scheduled and forwarded to your mail account is a great boon to Top Management while on the move.


HrmsPLUS is an icon involved in providing HR Management services. The main aim of this venture is to create awareness among small and micro organisation to efficiently use the automation process in HR Management which they cannot afford to. Corporate and huge organisation has no choice but to introduce systems to manage their HR though it involves cost. But smaller companies cannot afford to such expenses to get a complete solution. They get settle with insignificant software and only manage to partially automate their HR.

HrmsPLUS becomes a boon to such organisation by offering the most exhaustive HR Management software for FREE.

HrmsPlus offers the best payroll management services in India. This includes wages management software integrated with allied, HR management services for small business organizations. hrmsPlus includes leave management, attendance and roster management, shift management, loan and advances management and gives the right flavor to the organization. All under one roof is the philosophy of hrmsPlus which includes end to end HRMS solution in Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs).

No investiment, No risk, No softwares required and No maintenance. You get everything for free. hrmsPLUS offers these facilities for free.